Upcoming & recorded presentations 

upcoming presentations [last updated 31 May 2018]

Some of my plans: I will give an 'Onderwijslezing' with Luc Stevens at NIVOZ on 6 June, will do sessions at the ECER conference in Bolzano in September, contribute to a symposium in Bodo, Norway, in September, will present at the NAFOL conference in Norway in October, and will present at the Philosophy of Education Society in Japan in October. And we're planning a launch of the Danish translation of The Rediscovery of Teaching in September as well. More details to follow.

Watching a presentation?

In recent years a number of my presentations have been uploaded to youtube. You will also find some interviews there. Please be aware that all presentations were given in a particular context and at a particular point in time, and were therefore responding to issues pertinent to that particular situation.

Teaching, presentations and supervision


I currently teach on the EdD programme at Brunel University London and give occasional lectures at the University of Humanistic Studies, the Netherlands, and NLA University College Bergen, Norway. 

I regularly give presentations at academic conferences, and at schools, colleges and universities, both to academic and professional audiences. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to invite me for a presentation. 


To date I have supervised 28 students to successful completion of their doctorate (20 PhD and 8 EdD).

I currently supervise at Maynooth University Ireland  (PhD: Giles Barrow and Paola de Bruijn); The University of Humanistic Studies (PhD: Lisette Bastiaansen and Janeke Wienk) and NLA University College (PhD: Oyvind Andre Fosse and Kalisha Wills). I act as second/co-supervisor for a number of PhD students in The Netherlands (Berend Kamphuis, Nathalie Beekman, Jan Pouwels, Jeroen van Waveren), one in Norway (Bard Bertelsen), and as external advisor for PhD projects in Belgium